European P2P Platform Hap2py Penny Launches Subsidiary In Southeast Asia

After years of resounding success and continuous expansion across the European continent, Hap2py Penny, touted as the leading pioneer of the peer-to-peer (P2P) financing model in the global financial market, has decided to expand its presence towards Southeast Asia.


As a region boasting a robust economy as reflected by the fast-paced economic developments of the various emerging economies in the region such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia just to name a few, P2P remains a rather new concept among the region’s population. Unlike conventional investments such as bonds, stock markets and commodities that are open to individual investment, the existing P2P loan schemes in the region are only offered to companies and commercial enterprises.


Therefore, with the launching of Hap2py by Hap2py Penny as its subsidiary in Southeast Asia, the concept of P2P is set to become a major financial trend in the years to come which might potentially supersede, if not compete at the same level against other conventional investments. 


As its first stop in Southeast Asia, Hap2py has chosen Malaysia to set up its base with the aim of providing an alternative financing solution to the relatively large group of investors in the country compared to its neighbours. This decision comes as  the senior management of Hap2py Penny witnessed how Malaysia has rapidly recovered from the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and has proven itself to be as resilient as ever compared to many nations in the region. 


By establishing a commercial foothold in Malaysia, Hap2py will be able to reach out to a wider audience in the region and beyond to promote the P2P financing model where borrowers can enjoy interest rates that are significantly lower than those offered by banks. On the other hand, loan companies which sought to reach out to potential borrowers can now do so by renting a slot in Hap2py which can link both parties to each other remotely via the internet.


With more than 10 years of experience in the investment sector, Hap2py’s entry into Malaysia not only enables the introduction of P2P financing model as an alternative investment but, more importantly, it will also bring in the innovative technology and expertise that have been integrated and refined within Hap2py’s operational structure since its first day of establishment into the country.


Shedding light on the positive impact of loans in changing people’s lives for the better, here at Hap2py, we strongly believe that loans can change the fate of entrepreneurs and investors by giving them extra financial freedom to attend to their personal emergencies or to expand their businesses. With the establishment of Hap2py, more investors based in Malaysia will be able to discover the immense benefits of the P2P financing model as compared to the rather exploitative traditional financial institutions and embrace P2P as a mainstream investment.

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