The Inner Workings of Peer to Peer Loans

Through a peer to peer loan platform, individual investors who seek to earn solid returns on diversified personal loans are directly connected to those looking to borrow, thus benefiting both parties. At Hap2py Penny, our state-of-the-art technology has the ability to match creditworthy people with investors, enabling borrowers to have access to loans at a lower rate, without being charged with hidden fees or going through long wait times. The transparency and efficiency of our platform simplify the entire process for both parties.


To start off the process, investors will lend their money on an online peer to peer platform such as Hap2py Penny to be matched directly with individuals who are looking to borrow funds at a lower rate to clear off their existing debts.


By going through Hap2py Penny, lenders will deal directly with borrowers without going through a third party which enables both sides to have access to more competitive rates. Compared to conventional bank loans, overdrafts, store cards and credit cards, P2P loans are a much better alternative for borrowers who sought to obtain loans that are easier to be paid back afterwards. 


At Hap2py Penny, you can obtain a considerable amount of loan with a reasonable duration to pay back later on. Due to the transparency of the platform, obtaining a peer to peer loan is key to take control of your debts and steer your financial status back on the right track.


Compared to a bank savings account, or other traditional investments, individual investors can use their additional cash to generate better returns through the P2P platform. As a lender, the amount of money you wish to lend is entirely determined by you. Without an annual investment limit and other hidden charges, you are in complete control on how you want to lend out your money.


Like most investments, certain risks are present in PSP as well. When investing through P2P platforms like Hap2py Penny, there will be credit risk, liquidity risk, and platform risk. However, Hap2py Penny has put in place preventive measures which minimises these risks to ensure that you feel secure and comfortable while lending out your money through our platform.


Among the measures which have been put in place are:




Only those who have been vetted by us can be allowed to borrow money through our platform in order to ensure that they can afford to repay the loan.


Accepting High-Quality Applicants


Our rigorous vetting process will review every applicant using some of the most effective underwriting techniques which include credit checks, affordability checks and identity checks.




To reduce the risk of borrowers defaulting on their loans, we will spread your funds across at least 5 borrowers.


Having reviewed the inner workings of the whole P2P process, we hope that you can learn about this innovative economic model and how you, whether as a lender or a borrower, can benefit from it.