Investing During the Pandemic

The world has witnessed an unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on the financial industry. Previously active investment portfolios across the board have recorded lower than usual transactions due to the economic downturn which resulted from social movement restrictions that are enforced by governments all around the world as a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19.


Despite all the pessimism surrounding the investment market, peer-to-peer platform has remained relatively unaffected by the crisis. Hap2py Penny has remained stable during this period of economic turbulence thanks to the investment mechanism of P2P which relies on repayments from borrowers and not on the financial market.


P2P: A Safe Haven During Economic Uncertainty


If you happen to be in a financial position to invest, you should definitely look towards P2P which enables you to gain decent earnings while helping others to achieve their financial goals. The time has now arrived for you to invest in the community. 


As a well-established P2P platform, you can be rest assured that your money is being directed to a stable investment opportunity. 


As a protective measure for both our borrowers and investors, a series of integral vetting techniques are being put in place to make sure that everyone can thrive and minimise the risk of losing money through defaults. 


Using OpenBanking, our borrower’s affordability will be accurately and thoroughly assessed by us to determine if our borrowers will be able to repay their loans lagter on. This minimises the risk of defaults or missed payments – which protect our investors from the risk of losing their money.  


P2P is a mutually beneficial platform as evidenced by our borrowers who are able to build up their financial wellbeing after clearing off their debts and our lenders who are able to create an extra source of income. In other words, P2P allows everyone to work towards their financial goals in a safe environment without being too affected by the upheavals of the financial market. 


If you haven’t witnessed the wonders of the P2P platform, we highly recommend you to give it a go especially during this time of economic turbulence where conventional investments are more exposed to risks than ever before. However, whether your investment in P2P will turn out to be profitable also depends on who you choose. Whether you are looking to borrow money at a lower rate or earn interest rates by lending out your money, look no further than Hap2py Penny which prioritises the interests of our customers.


Building a community where everyone can thrive together has always been the core aspiration of our company. While you benefit from a high return rate and diversified income, your investment will be used to help others consolidate their high-interest debts and allow them to achieve their life long dreams later on such as starting a small business or buying their first house. 


When you invest in Hap2py Penny’s peer to peer platform, someone else has the opportunity to get out of debt and build a financial future for themselves. Together, we can contribute towards building a community that champions financial freedom.