The Importance of P2P Lending As a Pillar of the Economy

A platform where two individuals interact to buy or sell goods and services directly with each other is known as a peer-to-peer (P2P) economy. As part of this sharing economic model, short-term peer-to-peer transactions allow individuals to share the use of assets (money, spare rooms, cars) and services or to facilitate collaboration with one another. Thanks to the internet, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of growth in the peer-to-peer economy over the last 5 years.


Platforms like Hap2py Penny allow potential borrowers to have direct access to people with spare cash (lenders) without having to go through banks and their unreasonably high-interest rates. In order to enable this type of transaction to happen, an efficient online platform such as Hap2py Penny is required to connect borrowers and lenders.


As a platform that conveniently connects buyers (those who want to borrow money) and sellers (those who want to lend money), borrowers are able to borrow the needed funds at significantly better rates than those offered by conventional financial institutions like banks which charge exorbitant rates. In other words, Hap2py Penny is more affordable and ethical than banks.


What is ethical lending?


Ethical lending is essentially a mode of lending which allows lenders to generate extra income from their spare cash by extending financial assistance to those in a financial struggle. Other than enabling lenders to generate a passive income, P2P lending is able to help alleviate the financial woes of borrowers and help them get out of debt. 


As a lender, you will be able to use the passive income generated from the lending scheme to invest in financial assets where you can gain additional revenues. Due to the minimal overheads required to maintain an online platform, Hap2py Penny can offer borrowers competitive rates that are comparatively lower than those offered by banks.


Instead of paying for the rental fees of office space, salaries for 100+ employees and other unnecessary costs, P2P platforms like Hap2py Penny are able to pass the savings on to our borrowers. At Hap2py Penny, our mission is to create a happier society by alleviating the financial challenges of the underprivileged through our P2P model that champions ethical lending. What can be better than knowing that your investment results in a positive change and impact towards the society.


Apart from competitive rates, the transparency of the P2P sharing economy allows you to see exactly where your money is heading to.


By investing your additional funds in our platform, your money enables aspiring business owners to establish small and independent businesses which they previously couldn’t afford, young families to own their very first home and – perhaps most importantly – helping countless others to achieve greater financial freedom.


Having learned about P2P economic model and its positive implications on the society, here are three key takeaways that we can take note of from this article:


  1. Without exploiting anyone, P2P lending allows more people to have access to a fairer transaction between lenders and borrowers. Hap2py Penny sought to lift you out from debts instead of keeping you in debts.


  1. Ethical lending enables those with extra funds to generate a passive income while helping those who are facing financial difficulties.


  1. Money that is lent out through ethical banking allows those who borrow to fulfill their lifelong dreams such as opening a small medium enterprise, owning the first home or car, just to name a few.


If you are still looking for ways to invest your money in a safe platform which promises attractive returns, look no further than Hap2py Penny. Contact us today for further enquiries.